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Hi and welcome. Acoustic and slide guitarist, Doug MacGowan (formerly Doug B. Smith), is back after a 10 year, injury-enforced sabbatical!
Check out the links on this page for some new instrumental tracks and please get in touch re: gigs, session work or just to say hello again after so long!

July 2015: Have just had the great pleasure of composing and playing the score for a fabulous multi-media presentation of the Blaise Cendrars epic poem, "Trans-Siberian Prosy and Little Jeanne from France". The poem has been published from a translation by my great friend, bassist and poet, Dick Jones, together with exceptional illustrations by the famed French artist, Natalie D'Arbeloff. Together, we performed the piece at the London Review Bookshop in Bloomsbury on the 6th July. A video has been made of the event and if you go to the 'Gigs' page on the site here, there's an interview before the show to view. I'll post the full performance when it's been edited.

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